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 Chapter 6. OpenPOWER Ready System Support Components

System support components are components or products that are integral to the system design but are not integral in the architecture computationally. OpenPOWER Ready for such components or products implies that the developer is asserting these components or products may be considered for inclusion in system designs intended for the OpenPOWER community. The OpenPOWER Ready Marking does not indicate such components may be incorporated without proper design, validation, and qualification per accepted design practice.

The System Support Components category is broad and within it are potentially several sub-categories. Future versions of this document may refine the definition, sub-categories, and appropriate criteria.

To be OpenPOWER Ready, a System Support Component should meet one of the following criteria:

  1. The component or product should be incorporated in at least one OpenPOWER Ready system.

  2. The component / product developer asserts the component / product has been tested and may be considered for use.