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 Chapter 1. Introduction

OpenPOWER Ready™ is a mark used by the OpenPOWER Foundation to enable OpenPOWER ecosystem product developers to indicate that a product has been shown / demonstrated to meet a minimum set of characteristics and should be interoperable with other OpenPOWER Ready products. This document defines the meaning of OpenPOWER Ready™ and it's different forms: OpenPOWER Ready™ IO Adapter, OpenPOWER Ready™ System, OpenPOWER Ready™ CAPI Accelerator, OpenPOWER Ready™ Operating System, OpenPOWER Ready™ Application, OpenPOWER Ready™ System Support Components.

OpenPOWER ecosystem participants who have items or products they are interested in marking should follow the appropriate criteria described below. Other elements of the entire OpenPOWER platform solution which do not fit into the current criteria are all invited to self-confirm and deploy the OpenPOWER Ready badge.

Solution components receiving license to display the OpenPOWER Ready mark will be listed on the OpenPOWER Foundation website unless exclusion is requested by the developer.