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 Chapter 5. OpenPOWER Ready CAPI

The OpenPOWER Ready mark also applies to CAPI PCIe adapters and solutions built using them. The following graphic Figure 5.1, “OpenPOWER CAPI Solution ” provides an abstracted view of a notional OpenPOWER CAPI solution and its key components.


Figure 5.1. OpenPOWER CAPI Solution

CAPI solutions include an adapter and its associated driver and management software, and one or more Accelerator Functional Units (AFUs) and libraries or applications that access them. An adapter may support multiple separately sold or user developed AFUs, or it may be packaged with a fixed set of AFUs as a dedicated solution. To be OpenPOWER Ready, a CAPI capable product must meet the following criteria:

  1. The product must be supported on at least one OpenPOWER Ready system.

  2. Hardware and software components must meet the criteria for adapters and applications listed below. If a solution includes both adapter hardware and application/AFU components, each must meet the relevant criteria.