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 1.3. Requesting License to Display the OpenPOWER Ready Mark

Evidence that the criteria are met must be provided by the requesting entity.

This information will be provided in a pdf file named in the following way: OPR_company_product_yr-mon-day.pdf

The pdf file shall be submitted via email to [email protected].

The Subject: of the email shall be OpenPOWER Ready Request: product designator where product designator is the "Product / Component Designator" above.

 Request File Format

Each entity requesting a license authorizing a product or component to carry the OpenPOWER Ready mark must provide to the OpenPOWER Foundation the following information regarding the specific product or component:

  • Owner (Company, entity)

  • Contact Name

  • Contact email address

  • Submission Date

  • Product / Component Designator (unique name or label)

  • Short product / component description

  • Tag string (comma separated) describing keywords, attributes, and tags for enhancing search results.

  • Product / component information URL

  • Image / graphic for inclusion with the description - Optional. In addition to including this image in the request pdf file a separate jpeg or png file included in the request email will make the creation of the request record in the list database simpler.

  • Version of this OpenPOWER Ready Document used for the criteria. Note: It is recommended that the latest version be used. However, a vendor may select a previous level of the criteria.

  • Product / component category (System, IO, CAPI, Operating System, Application, System Support Component)

  • Ready Checklist: report describing how the product satisfies the criteria.

 OpenPOWER Ready Request Templates

A request template in Microsoft® Word format is available: