Revision history   OpenPOWER Library

 1.1. OpenPOWER Ready™ Mark

The OpenPOWER Foundation has established OpenPOWER Ready™ as a special badge or mark used by an OpenPOWER ecosystem component producer/developer to attest that a specific component has been shown to satisfy the criteria defined in a specific version of this document. The criteria has been defined to increase the likelyhood components bearing the mark are compatible.

The mark is available for any entity interested in providing components/products to the OpenPOWER ecosystem. Combined with an OpenPOWER Foundation membership, companies and other entities can make a strong statement about their support of the OpenPOWER technology as an alternative to other server solutions. Entities providing products that are OpenPOWER Ready are encouraged to join the OpenPOWER Foundation.


Figure 1.1. OpenPOWER Ready Mark with Black Background


Figure 1.2. OpenPOWER Ready Mark with White Background