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 Appendix A. OpenPOWER Foundation overview

The OpenPOWER Foundation was founded in 2013 as an open technical membership organization that will enable data centers to rethink their approach to technology. Member companies are enabled to customize POWER CPU processors and system platforms for optimization and innovation for their business needs. These innovations include custom systems for large or warehouse scale data centers, workload acceleration through GPU, FPGA or advanced I/O, platform optimization for SW appliances, or advanced hardware technology exploitation. OpenPOWER members are actively pursing all of these innovations and more and welcome all parties to join in moving the state of the art of OpenPOWER systems design forward.

To learn more about the OpenPOWER Foundation, visit the organization website at

 A.2. Technical resources

Development resouces fall into the following general categories:

  • Technical Steering Committee

  • Foundation work groups

  • OpenPOWER Ready documentation, products, and certification criteria

  • Resource Catalog

    To find all OpenPOWER resources of the following types, select the specificied combination of Resource Type/Main Category/Sub-category in the Resource Catalog:


    Developer Resources / OpenPOWER Documents / Specifications

    Work Group Notes

    Developer Resources / OpenPOWER Documents / Work Group Notes

    Cloud development virtual machines

    Developer Resources / Software Developer Cloud Resources / <empty>

    Developer Tools

    Developer Resources / Developer Tools / <empty>


    Use the Search field to focus your search using key words or phrases for specific resources.

 A.3. Contact the foundation

To learn more about the OpenPOWER Foundation, please use the following contact points:

More contact information can be found at