Revision history   OpenPOWER Library AFU Download Procedure

 The procedure for downloading an AFU is as follows:

  1. Reset the AFU to make sure no operations are pending, if required.

    1. Write the AFU_CNTL_An[RA] = '1'

    2. Wait for AFU_CNTL_An[RS] = '10'

  2. Purge the PSL. (Only needed if the AFU did not cleanly exit)

    1. Write the PSL_SCNTL_An[Pc] = '1'

    2. Wait for PSL_SCNTL_An[Ps] = '11'

  3. Set the configuration required (PSL_SCNTL_An[CR]) bit if not already set.

  4. Write the real address of the first image block to the AFU_DLADDR Register.

  5.  Write the block size and set the start download bit (AFU_DLCNTL[S] = '1') to start the download.

  6. Read the AFU_DLCNTL Register to determine when the block is complete and the device is ready for the next block (AFU_DLCNTL[S] = '0'), when the AFU download is done (AFU_DLCNTL[D] = '1'), or if an error has occurred during the download (AFU_DLCNTL[E] = '1' or AFU_DLCNTL[C] = '1'). If an error has occurred, terminate the AFU download procedure and enter error recovery or retry the AFU download. If no error has occurred and the current block is complete, continue with the next step.

  7. Write the real address of the next image block to the AFU_DLADDR register then go to step 5.

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