Revision history   OpenPOWER Library Software Procedure

  1. Write the update_element command to the software command/status field in the linked list area.

    • Store (x'00060000' || first_psl_id || link_of_element_to_update) to sw_command_status.

  2. Ensure that the update_element command is visible to all processes.

    • System software running on the host processor must perform a sync instruction.

  3. Issue the update_element MMIO command to the first PSL.

    • System software performs an MMIO to the PSL Linked List Command Register with the update_element command and the link to the new process being added. (PSL_LLCMD_An = x'000600000000' || link_of_element_to_update).

  4. Wait for the PSL to acknowledge the update of the process element.

    • The process element is updated when a load from sw_command_status returns

      (x'00060006' || first_psl_id || link_of_element_to_update).

    • If a value of all 1's is returned for the status, an error has occurred. An implementation-dependent recovery procedure should be initiated by hardware.

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