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 3.2. Main Storage Addressing

 The addressing of main storage in the CAIA is compatible with the addressing defined in the Power ISA. The CAIA builds upon the concepts of the Power ISA and extends the addressing of main storage by the AFU.

 The AFU uses an effective address to access main storage. The effective address is computed by the AFU and is provided to the PSL. The effective address is translated to a  real address according to the procedures described in the overview of address translation in Power ISA, Book III. The real address is the location in main storage that is referenced by the translated effective address.

  All the AFUs share main storage with the host processor. All information held in this level of storage is visible to all processors and devices in the system. This storage area can either be uniform in structure or can be part of a hierarchical cache structure. Programs reference this level of storage by using an effective address.

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