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 B.2.2. Context and Job Initiation

 When process elements are added to the linked list of scheduled processes, the PSL reads the next element from the linked list, initializes the required state based on the programming model, and starts the AFU with the associated work element descriptor. The PSL allows the AFU to run with the current application's state until either the AFU yields the remainder of its context interval or the context interval expires. At that point, the PSL requests the AFU to save context if required. If the process is not complete, the PSL places the process element into the PSL queue and starts the next context. Figure B.2, “ Figure B-2. Application Job and Completion Queue” illustrates the job and completion queue.



Figure B.2.  Figure B-2. Application Job and Completion Queue

 The CAIA does not define how an application initiates jobs in a virtualized model. Job initiation is application specific. See Section B.1.2, “User Job Initiation” for an example of how an application might initiate a job.

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