OpenPOWER Library

 1.5.2. Docbook validation errors

Validation errors are generally indicated in the build output with text like the following:


Note: Open the temporary file:


to see all the errors in context. 
You must correct the errors in the original 
source DocBook or wadl files however.

You can control whether build fails or not by 
setting failOnValidationError to no in your pom. 

lineNumber:  272; columnNumber: 70; text not allowed here; expected element "address", ...

This error message contains three key pieces of information:

  1. The full path and filename that contains the context for the failure. In the message above, this is /home/user1/Docs-Template/doc_dev_guide/target//bk_main.xml-invalid.xml.

  2. The location within the file of the syntax error. For the above example, the key information is "lineNumber: 272; columnNumber: 70.


    In some XML validation failure scenarios, the lineNumber or colNumber values are not specified or are -1. If you encounter such a situation, please post to the Documentation Development mailing list at so they can assist in identifying the exact location of the failure.

  3. An explanation of the failure. This information in the above error reads, "text not allowed here; expected element "address", ...".

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