OpenPOWER Library Moving the template document into your new document framework

If this is your first document, in a brand new OpenPOWER Foundation project (on GitHub), you have the fewest number of steps to perform because your project should have been primed with a single project based on Docs-Template. You can verify this by inspecting the files in your project directory. A new project will contain a doc_template directory, a pom.xml file, a LICENSE file, and a file. If this is the case, you simply need to perform the following three steps:

  1. Navigate down to your project directory, called my_project for this example. This can be achieved using the cd command:

    $ cd ~/my_project

    This directory should contain the doc_template folder used to prime the project.

  2. Rename the doc_template document directory to something new like my_doc. To accomplish this, use the mv command::

    $ mv doc_template/ my_doc
  3. Change the project name in the Workgroup POM file (my_project/pom.xml). Using your editor, change this line between the <modules> and the </modules> tags near the top of the file:


    to read like this:


Your new document frameword has been copied from the Document Development Guide. Continue with the next step in Creating a new document.

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