OpenPOWER Library

 1.1.1. Installing tools

Only two tools are required to update documentation, git and maven. Git manages the documentation source and maven provides the build framework to create the published content in PDF and html form. Installation steps for these tools varies by operating system.

On Debian-based Linux operating systems (Ubuntu and Debian), install maven and git as follows:

# apt-get install git
# apt-get install maven

On RPM-based Linux operating systems (Fedora, RHEL, openSUSE, SLES), install maven and git as follows:

# yum install git
# yum install maven

On Mac OS X, use Macports to install maven and git as follows:

# port install git
# port install maven3

or use Homebrew to install maven and git as follows:

$ brew install git
$ brew install maven

For information on how to setup the environment on Windows, see the following websites:


Modification of documentation source files requires a text editor. While standard editors like vim, emacs, or gedit can be used, it is highly recommended that an editor be used which highlights XML or Docbook syntax. If your favorite editor does not include an extension or plugin to accomplish this, you might consider using Bluefish to edit your docbook files. Details on this editor can be found at

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