OpenPOWER Library

 1.1.2. Installing fonts

The OpenPOWER Foundation documentation utilizes opensource fonts known as the Chrome OS core fonts or Croscore fonts. The three TrueType fonts (TTFs) in this family Arimo (sans-serif), Tinos (serif), and Cousine (monospace). While not strictly required to have these fonts on your system, it can be helpful when designing graphics and other images to have them installed on your development system.

Only two tools are required to update documentation, git and maven. Git manages the documentation source and maven provides the build framework to create the published content in PDF and html form. Installation steps for these tools varies by operating system.

On Debian-based Linux operating systems (Ubuntu and Debian), install Croscore fonts as follows:

# apt-get install fonts-croscore

On RPM-based Linux operating systems (Fedora, RHEL, openSUSE, SLES), install Croscore fonts as follows:

# yum install google-croscore-fonts

On Mac OS X and Windows systems, use a font website to download and install the Croscore fonts individually. Most of these sites provide directions for Mac OS and Windows.

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