OpenPOWER Library Copying an existing document as a new document framework

If you have another document within your project that would serve as a good base for your new one, you can copy the existing document as the source for your new document. Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate down to your project directory, called my_project for this example. This can be achieved using the cd command:

    $ cd ~/my_project

    This directory should contain the folder name of the document wishing to be copied, called source_doc for clarity in these directions.

  2. To create a new document directory, simply create a new directory and copy the contents of the source_doc directory. If creating a new directory named my_doc via a command line, the command sequence would look like this:

    $ mkdir my_doc
    $ cp -r source_doc/*.* my_doc
  3. Add the new project to the Workgroup POM file (my_project/pom.xml). Using your editor, add the following lines between the <modules> and the </modules> tags near the top of the file:


Before committing the project back to git, you will need to add the new directory to the git repository. This can be performed using the git add my_doc/ command on the whole directory.

You are now ready to begin making updates to your new document. Continue with the next step in Creating a new document.

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