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 1.3.4. Adding new content

The starting point for book content is the bk_main.xml file (or whatever to which it was renamed in the previous step). Removal and additions of the main chapter files will be controlled by entries near the end of that file which appear as follows:

  <!-- The ch_preface.xml file is required by all documents -->
  <xi:include href="../../Docs-Master/common/ch_preface.xml"/>

  <!-- TODO: Add your chapter heading files here.  Remove both files and insert your own. -->
  <!--       See the template document for naming conventions and location of files.      -->
  <xi:include href="ch_template_overview.xml"/>
  <xi:include href="ch_example.xml"/>

  <!-- The app_foundation.xml appendix file is required by all documents. -->
  <xi:include href="../../Docs-Master/common/app_foundation.xml"/>

  <!-- TODO: The following template document may be modified to create additional appendices as needed. -->
  <xi:include href="app_template.xml"/>

Copying and modifying existing files from the template or other documents is a great way to get started. When creating whole new chapter or appendix files from scratch, the ch_example.xml and app_template.xml files may serve as excellent starting points. For XML examples of various document structures, please see Chapter 2, Documentation examples and its supporting source files in this document. Online resources such as those listed in Section 1.10, “Finding more information” may also be helpful.


When creating new files for the project, remember to use the git add <file name> command to add new files to the git tree.

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