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 2.1.8. Example of special characters in text

Sometimes in text you need special characters. These can be provided using their UNICODE values such as ≠ (&#8800), Ω (&#x2126), and ∆ (∆). These can be "coded" using the form &#ddddd; where ddddd is the up to five digit decimal representation of the character. The form &#xhhhh; where hhhh is the up to 4 digit hexidecimal representation of the character.

This formatting works well as long as the symbol to which you are referring is contained in the font set used for the document -- Arimo for standard text and Cousine for monospace. If when building a document, you see a message like "WARNING, Glyph...not available in font 'Arimo'," see the section called “Using additional symbols” in Section 2.1.10, “Examples of OpenPOWER Foundation Docbook extensions” for details on using the provided symbol fonts explicitly.

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