OpenPOWER Library

 Chapter 1. Document development overview

The OpenPOWER Foundation Documentation Development Guide provides a framework for OpenPOWER public and private documentation. The goal of the document is to describe the documentation development process, to promote community contributions to OpenPOWER documenation and to enable new contributions with a common look and feel.

The major sections of this document addresses the following topics:

  • Getting started: This section details tools and commands used to contribute to OpenPOWER documentation. All users who are new to OpenPOWER Foundation documentation should start here.

  • Understanding the project structure: This section provides detailed descriptions of the various project components and their roles in the documentation creation process.

  • Creating a new document: This section provides step-by-step instructions on how to create a new document from scratch. Use this section to start a new document.

  • Modifying an existing document: This section highlights common steps in editing an existing OpenPOWER Foundation document. Use this section as a guideline for contributing to an existing document.

  • Debugging build failures: This section provides examples of the two most common types of build failures and helps users find the relevant failure information.

  • Publishing OpenPOWER Documents: This section explains key document types and the appropriate work flow for publishing OpenPOWER Foundation documents.

  • Policies and conventions: This section contains the generally accepted guidelines for creating OpenPOWER documentation. Use this section as a reference for documentation source contruction and community process.

  • Frequently asked questions: This section answers common questions. Use this section when the other sections do not answer your questions.

  • Common git commands: This section contains examples of commonly used git commands. Reference this section to find information on a specific git operation.

  • Finding more information: This section provides pointers to on-line information about XML, Docbook, Maven, and other relevant references.

In addition to OpenPOWER Foundation specific topics, Chapter 2, Documentation examples provides examples of common documenation constructs in XML.

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